Why Do You Have Mosquitoes in Your Yard?

Standing Water...

1. on Your Property

2. Surrounding Your Property



What Does CloverWall Do?

1. Identify Standing Water Issues


Thorough Water Inspection

Several Hundred Mosquitoes Can Breed in as Little as a Bottle-cap of Water

2. Treat Standing Water 


Low Lying Areas

Where water accumulates is treated with a larvacide

3. Flush Out Mosquitoes From Around Your Home

House Treat Optimized GIF.gif

Treat Around Home

Knock-down treatment with adulticide

4. Barrier Treatment Around Perimeter of yard

Barrier Shield

Keep's neighbors' mosquitoes out of your yard

How Long Does it Last?



Re-treatment Required Every 21 Days

For Consistent Mosquito Reduction

(Derived from the Crysanthenum Flower)


Re-treatment Required Every 14 Days

For Consistent Mosquito Reduction

(Active Ingredients of Rosemary Oil, Geraniol, and Peppermint Oil)

Customer Follow-up

Being vigilant about eliminating standing water helps keep mosquitoes out of your yard