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Are You a Mosquito Magnet?

Find out what really works to keep them away


You're Probably Wasting Money on Mosquito Control

Only one out of four mosquito products worked according to a recent Consumer Reports study. There is a lot of misinformation when it comes to what keeps mosquitoes away. A recent Consumer Reports study helped to debunk some of those myths.

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Myth #1 - Citronella Candles

Citronella Candles were found to be ineffective at preventing mosquitoes from landing on testers simulating a back yard environment. 

While oil of citronella is known to help repel mosquitoes... the concentration put off by candles, just aren't enough to consistently ward off hungry mosquitoes.

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Myth #2 - Mosquito Repellent WristBands

Mosquito Repellent Wristbands had a similar result to the citronella candles. While some studies have shown that bites can be less frequent right next to the wristband, they did not provide very good overall protection. 

Essentially the same issues arise with wristbands as with the candles. The oils used to deter mosquitoes can be effective...but the concentration and ability to completely protect yourself makes it a less than effective strategy. 


Myth #3 - Portable Diffusers

Portable Diffusers had the same problems as discussed before. They rely on mosquito repellent oils to prevent mosquito bites, but concentration and ability to protect a wide area made them a poor choice when protecting yourself from mosquitoes in the yard. 


So What Actually Worked?

Oscillating fans won the award for most effective way to keep mosquitoes from biting. The researchers sitting closest to the fan saw a reduction of mosquito landings by almost 50%. While not perfect, it still had a dramatic impact on those pesky mosquito bites.


A Fan of Fans

Reduces mosquito bites up to 50%

if you are sitting near it


Why Are Fans So Effective?

  •  Disperse CO2: Mosquitoes are attracted to and hunt you down by sensing the CO2 you exhale. The oscillating fan disperses the CO2 you exhale and makes it harder for them to find you.
  •  Mosquitoes aren't the strongest of fliers: Most species of mosquitoes aren't that strong of fliers. The wind put out by the oscillating fan made it more difficult for the ones that got near to land (and bite) the researchers
  •  Staying cool: Mosquitoes are also attracted to heat, and some of the side effects of you being warm, such as lactic acid in sweat. A fan that keeps you cool will help minimize these mosquito attractants

50%... But What if I Want NO Mosquitoes?

So great... now you know how to reduce mosquitoes in your yard if you sit next to the fan... but that's still only a 50% reduction according to this study.

That's where a home mosquito control treatment can make your 4th of July party mosquito free. Mosquito treatments reduce mosquitoes 60 - 90%. After the initial treatment I provide a thorough mosquito inspection report that gives you even more strategies customized to help your yard.

What Customers Are Saying

Grace McGowan.jpg
Nick was easy to work with and we quickly got our service scheduled. They even were proactive to come early when rain threatened.

The yard is virtually mosquito free! Highly recommend, we opted for the recurring treatments for the rest of the summer.
— Grace McGowan

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Ever since I moved into our home in 2009, the backyard has been hardly useable during the summer due to mosquitos. I tried other companies and saw no reduction in mosquitos at all. We did our first treatment with Cloverwall this spring, and even with all the wet weather we’ve had a mosquito free yard. For the first time I can mow the lawn without being eaten alive. We are now on a regular treatment schedule and intend to enjoy our reclaimed yard space.
— Richard Norris

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Very happy with our experience with Cloverwall. We had a mosquito treatment. We didn’t know it was possible to get rid of mosquitos. Service team was great, pricing very good, would definitely recommend.
— John & Abby Kowalik

Sometimes Bug Spray Just Won't Do

Mosquitoes reek havoc on outdoor activities during the summer. When you're away from your home, there is no way around it... you have to use bug spray. Otherwise you'll get eaten alive. But on the 4th of July, so many St. Louisans want to enjoy their yard for the holiday... Without having to spray on that nasty stuff.




Needs to be applied every hour or two to be effective.

Times Where Bug Spray Doesn't Cut It

  • Pool Parties (it washes off so quickly)
  • Barbecues (who wants that taste to ruin a great meal?)
  • Firework watching (at night when the main event occurs, the bugs are in feasting mode)
  • Firework shooting (sweat can wash off your protection)

When you're enjoying a 4th of July party, who wants to keep having to stop any apply DEET bug spray to stay bite free? 

You'll Love It... or It's Free

I'm so certain you'll love getting a mosquito control treatment that I offer a "love it or its free" guarantee.

If you don't experience the promised 60 - 90% reduction in mosquitoes, I'll come back and retreat (if I think it will work) or give you your money back - no questions asked.

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I value the quality, reliable and responsiveness Nick provides. We live in a heavily wooded area, near a dry Creek that occssionally puddles and mosquitoes love it here. His service made gardening and being outside fun again! He does great follow up and he even quickly returned to retreat when they were still a little heavy without any question or push back. I have recommended him to all of my neighbors!
— RJ Farris

Try Out a Mosquito Control Treatment for 4th of July

If you want to actually enjoy your yard this holiday, you should try out a mosquito control treatment. 

Not only will you get a drastic reduction in mosquitoes in your yard, you'll get a customized guide on what else you can do to reduce mosquitoes - even if you don't continue with regular treatments

I'm doing a special for 4th of July - normally a one time event spray with no commitment runs $95 + (depends on the size of the yard.

But if you get a treatment before the 4th of July, I'll do it for $34.44 - over 50% off the regular price.


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Nick Citrin

Founder of CloverWall

If you don’t get the reduction in mosquitoes I promised, you’ll get your money back - no questions asked.
— Nick Citrin